“Spider Verse” by Dan Slott


Book Description on Goodreads.com:

Someone is working their way through the multiverse, leaving a trail of dead spiders in their wake! As the Superior Spider-Man faces this foe in the future, MC2’s Spider-Girl finds herself under attack! From 1602 to the era of Noir, from a spider-powered Gwen Stacy to the world-famous Spider-Ham, spider-themed heroes everywhere, in every world, begin to falter and fall. How can “our” Spider-Man possibly hope to survive against this unstoppable interdimensional onslaught? Guest-starring every Spider-Man ever…and then some! Spider-UK, Spider, Scarlet Spiders, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man 2099…can any of them survive the arrival of Morlun?

Review by Mikey (age 9):

In this book a group called Inheritors are trying to kill all the Spider men and women.  There are two special Spider people that the Spider Verse are protecting and all the Spider people from every universe are following the real Peter Parker against the Inheritors.

My favorite part of the story was when the future, or Superior Spider Man, teamed up with the real Peter Parker.  I liked this book because it had action, missions, reason, and bad versus good.  I would recommend it to kids ages 8 and up who like graphic novels and want lots of action.

Rating: 5/5 stars

You can find this book on Amazon.


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